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jesuits in canada

In Response to the Open Letter from Laid-off Employees of the Centre Justice et Foi

Since the announcement of its activity suspension, the Board of Directors of the Centre justice et foi has focused on strategic reflection for its future while addressing public statements and allegations by temporarily laid-off employees, clarifying that their decision was made in good faith, maintaining group insurance coverage, amending the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Program, and emphasizing that the employees will eventually be involved in the strategic review.

In response to the open letter from the laid-off employees of the Centre justice et foi

Since the announcement of the suspension of its activities, the Board of Directors of the Centre justice et foi has been concentrating on the strategic reflection surrounding its future. However, in view of the increasing number of public statements made by a group of employees who have been temporarily laid off, and the allegations they …

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Jeffrey S. Burwell, SJ, Named Next Provincial of the Jesuits of Canada

Father Jeffrey S. Burwell, SJ, is the new Provincial of the Jesuits of Canada. This leadership change comes at a time when the Society of Jesus seeks to deepen its engagement with contemporary challenges, oriented by their Universal Apostolic Preferences: showing the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment; walking with the excluded; journeying with youth; and caring for our common home.

From Refugee to Recipient of the Governor General’s Medal

Discover the inspiring story of George Al Frieh, a Syrian refugee who, with the aid of the Service Jésuite des Réfugiés (SJR) Canada, overcame the challenges of war, language barriers, and integration to pursue his dreams in Montreal. Learn how SJR’s compassionate support makes a difference.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Anything Else at All?

Explore the depths of how our roles within community and spirituality shape our identity, with insights from Eric Clayton on Ignatian spirituality. This reflection delves into the interplay between individuality and community, highlighting the significance of love and decisions in fostering relationships.

Getting Lost to Find Ourselves

By Jean-Claude Ravet  To be a Christian is to experience a liberating encounter with Jesus—that is, a grace that enlightens and gives peace, reconciles and consoles, animates and strengthens, and pushes us forward and an encounter that profoundly alters our presence in the world, radically orienting our steps toward beauty and praise, justice and love, …

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