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March 13, 2024 — Ever since the Jesuits in the United Kingdom launched the daily prayer project “Pray As You Go” (PAYG) in 2006, the creative team behind the resource has shared fabulous audio prayer programs that are spiritually nourishing in their beauty and simplicity. Each day combines music, Scripture from the lectionary, and short spoken prayer prompts that always invite you to reflect on the Scripture in a new way. PAYG will slow you down and invite genuine contemplation, making it so different from almost any other smartphone app or podcast program out there. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world love PAYG, especially here in North America — maybe you’re one of them.

For years, host Mike Jordan Laskey — a huge fan of PAYG — has been curious about the team behind the app. How does an episode come together? What inspired the format and why does it work so well? How do they want to grow? So Mike invited Emma Holland onto the show, who serves as PAYG’s director. She has worked for the Jesuits in the UK for almost a decade and has advanced from an audio producer to the leader of the project.

Mike asked Emma to take us behind the scenes of PAYG and to share what she loves about her work. It was such a fun conversation and if you haven’t prayed with PAYG before, we really hope you’ll give it a try. You can find it in your smartphone’s app store or download daily episodes using your podcast player of choice.

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