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March 21, 2024 — While Fr. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, president of Creighton University, is excited for both his women’s and men’s basketball teams’ March Madness journeys, today’s episode isn’t about basketball at all. (Well, it makes an appearance for a couple minutes at the end.) It’s about the roles of Jesuit colleges and universities in our world today.

Host Mike Jordan Laskey spoke with Fr. Hendrickson a couple months ago about his book “Jesuit Higher Education in a Secular Age,” which explores how Jesuit education can help students create meaningful connections in our highly self-centered, transactional era.

Mike asked Fr. Hendrickson about the book’s primary intellectual influence, the peerless contemporary philosopher Charles Taylor. They also talked about the history of Jesuit education and how its vision of educating the whole person stands in contrast to the epidemic of siloed academic departments. Fr. Hendrickson is an incredibly thoughtful leader and it was a lot of fun to pick his brain about the past, present and future of Jesuit higher ed.

Learn more about Fr. Hendrickson and his book.

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