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Ignatius-500The Ignatian Year 2021–2022 begins on May 20, just a few days from now, 500 years after Saint Ignatius of Loyola was wounded by a cannonball, the event that would lead to his conversion. This is a unique opportunity that should not be missed, insists Father General Arturo Sosa.

The theme of conversion is central to this special year. In the current context of the pandemic, we can see the Ignatian Year also as an opportunity to move forward on the path toward reconciliation and justice for all humanity.

According to Father Sosa, this year can also be a time to deepen our understanding of the Universal Apostolic Preferences—a topic that was at the heart of the last expanded consult of the Jesuit Province of Canada.

This path to conversion is for everyone, starting with the province and extending to the apostolates of Canada.

St. Ignatius hit by a cannonball
His injury at the battle of Pamplona was the beginning of Ignatius’ recovery and eventual conversion.

A call to all apostolates in Canada

The Canadian province is planning several activities (listed here) during the coming year that will be available to all members of the Ignatian family, both friends and Jesuits.

Father General invites all apostolates to share in the opening prayer of the Ignatian Year to be held on May 23. The prayer will include a contribution from Father Sosa, testimonies from people in the various Jesuit conferences, and music by Cristobal Fones, Keith Duke, and Laurent Grzybowski, among others. The General Curia will also publish a special edition of our Jesuit yearbook for the Ignatian Year, with the theme “To See All Things New in Christ.” All apostolates are encouraged to order, distribute, and consider how they might use the yearbook during the Ignatian Year.

The provincial, Father Erik Oland, also calls on all apostolates to participate fully in the Ignatian Year, to journey along the path toward “seeing all things new in Christ,” and to help others to do the same, through retreats, podcasts, conferences, or other activities that are part of their specific mission.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Father General’s letter and video addressing the entire Ignatian family. He presents the Ignatian Year and its links with the UAPs.

– The dates and details of events in Canada will be announced soon.

Contact us at to promote your initiatives!

Key global dates

– May 20, 2021: The opening of the Ignatian Year, the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’ injury.

– July 31, 2021: The feast of Saint Ignatius.

– March 12, 2022: The 400th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Francis Xavier on March 12, 1622.

– July 31, 2022: The end of the Ignatian Year, the feast of Saint Ignatius.




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