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November 2, 2022 — With U.S. midterm elections just a week away, we know a lot of people in the U.S. might be wanting a break from politics, a break from excessive political ads and tense discussions with loved ones. But as Pope Francis says, good Catholics meddle in politics. In fact, political engagement can be a positive manifestation of our faith. A way to promote the common good for all people. And that work doesn’t stop with Election Day — it’s a yearlong job.

So, on this special Election Week episode of the AMDG podcast, MegAnne Liebsch talks with professional, full-time advocate and our colleague, Thomas Mulloy. Tom is the government relations director for the Jesuit Office of Justice and Ecology — or OJE as we call it. OJE is the advocacy arm of the Jesuits, and through Tom, we advocate with the federal government on various social and environmental justice issues. On this episode, we talk about why the Jesuits are involved in federal advocacy, what regular citizens can teach Congress and how faithful citizenship extends beyond Election Day.

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