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pope francis

A Jesuit Reflects on Francis in Iraq

“Salaam, Salaam, Salaam!  Shookran!  Allah ma’akum.” Peace, Peace, Peace!  Thank you!  God be with you!.  With these words, Pope Francis ended the Mass in Erbil, his last major public event during his visit to Iraq.  Energy and emotion already filled the stadium, and when he ended his remarks with these Arabic words, we all erupted in …

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Pope Francis’ Easter Message Supporting Universal Wage

Pope Francis released an Easter Sunday letter to individuals working to help those at the margins, calling them an “invisible army fighting in the most dangerous trenches.” Noting that the impact of a global pandemic has been more acute for those without steady income and recognizing that “market solutions do not reach the peripheries, and State protection is hardly visible,” he suggests the time may be right for new thinking.