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Jesuit Novices Pronounce First Vows

Twenty-four Jesuit novices in the United States, Canada and Haiti pronounced first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in August 2023.

Mission Impossible: The Novitiate of William Mbilinyi, SJ

The journey of William Mbilinyi, SJ, from his native Tanzania to his first vows at Villa Saint-Martin, is filled with acts of faith… and great bursts of laughter. When he arrived in Canada in 2015 to begin a master’s degree in theology, nothing prepared him to enter the Society of Jesus; on the contrary! And yet, he has just pronounced his first vows and is now a scholastic.

Enduring Graces: The Jesuit Novice Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage Experiment for a Jesuit novice dates back to the very beginnings of the Society of Jesus. St. Ignatius Loyola, understanding himself as a pilgrim, included this unique way of encountering God in the Constitutions of the Society as an important experience in one’s formation

Novices Focus on Catholic Social Teaching

Each spring, second-year novices participate in an immersive teaching workshop aimed at introducing them to the theories and realities of Catholic social teaching.