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July 1, 2024 — Two U.S.-based Jesuit organizations, Jesuit Missions, Inc. and Magis Americas, have merged to form American Jesuits International, marking the first time that Jesuits in the United States share a single entity to support marginalized communities around the world. American Jesuits International will support Jesuit education and development initiatives across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

American Jesuits International will continue to channel resources and provide tools for Jesuit organizations and networks previously supported by both Jesuit Missions, Inc. and Magis Americas, including Fe y Alegría, focusing its work in four areas: education, livelihoods, environmental sustainability, and emergency response and recovery. The organization will also replace its predecessor, Magis Americas, as the U.S. member organization of the Xavier Network, the Jesuit’s international mission and development partnership.

“The formation of American Jesuits International is a historic moment in the history of the Society of Jesus in the United States,” said Fr. Brian G. Paulson, SJ, president of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States. “Built on the legacy and tradition of many other Jesuit development organizations and mission offices, American Jesuits International will strengthen our Conference’s contributions to the Society’s global mission of reconciliation.”

American Jesuits International will be a joint endeavor of the two Jesuit Conferences in the Americas—the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States and the Conferencia de Provinciales en América Latina y el Caribe. This collaboration underscores both conference’s dedication to fostering solidarity across borders in the Americas and advancing the Jesuit mission of promoting a more just and humane world for all.

“This new chapter is an exciting opportunity for our organization to strengthen our capacities and expand our ability to support initiatives that uplift the inherent human dignity of every person,” said Nate Radomski, executive director of American Jesuits International and former executive director of Magis Americas. “We are confident that American Jesuits International will effectively mobilize individuals and organizations across the U.S. in support of the tremendous work being done by Jesuit organizations abroad to ensure dignity, protect human rights and care for creation.”

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