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December 27, 2023 — If you’re a long-time listener of this podcast—and certainly if you’re a graduate of Jesuit education—then you likely know a thing or two about the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola. You know about his courtly life, the cannonball, the conversion, the books he read while bedridden, his pilgrimage and the cave and the founding of the Society of Jesus.

You probably can rattle plot points off just like that.

But have you ever taken time to really immerse yourself in the story? To imagine what Ignatius said to his fellow soldiers? To picture the scene of the early companions gathered before the pope? In short, have you painted in the sketch of Ignatius’ life so that the colors leap from the page?

Today’s guest, Tyler Button, certainly has—in more ways than one. A former special education teacher, Tyler is now the founder of Tapestry Comics, a publisher that focuses on making historical narratives exciting and accessible to readers of all ages, but especially high school students. His past projects have featured William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc.

But in turning to the life and legacy of Ignatius of Loyola—and imagining himself in the scenes he was portraying—Tyler discovered the practical power of Ignatian spirituality.

In today’s conversation, we unpack what it means to tell the story of Ignatius across a new medium—and why it matters for the Ignatian family today.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tyler’s work or getting a copy of his book, “The Greater Glory: The Story of Ignatius Loyola,” you can contact him here:

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