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May 9, 2024 — If you made a list of the best things about the Catholic Church in the United States, Catholic Charities USA would be in that list’s very top tier. A network of 168 local agencies based in dioceses throughout the country, Catholic Charities served more than 15 million of our at-risk neighbors last year alone. They serve people without homes, those who are unemployed or underemployed, children who are hungry or malnourished, elderly persons who are isolated, vulnerable migrants and refugees on the move, families recovering from natural disasters, pregnant women and new mothers in need, and persons with disabilities who have inadequate care. All together, the work of Catholic Charities makes up one of the largest networks of humanitarian aid in the nation.

Today’s guest is Kerry Robinson, the president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA. If Catholic Charities is in the top tier of American Catholic endeavors, Kerry is in the top tier of American Catholic leaders. She’s dynamic, passionate, faith-filled and extremely smart. And she’s the second-ever woman and second layperson to lead the network. Before joining Catholic Charities, Kerry spent almost two decades working with a group called Leadership Roundtable, which she helped to found in 2005. Leadership Roundtable helps the church develop and implement best management practices to build accountable and transparent leadership culture. Kerry’s entire career has been dedicated to strengthening the church, and her experience and vision helped prepare her to lead this massive network.

Host Mike Jordan Laskey asked her about what she has learned in her first year on the job, plus how Catholic Charities is responding to the extremely challenging conditions facing migrants and asylum seekers arriving in the US in the hopes of providing safety and opportunity for their families. She also shared some favorite stories and things she has learned from traveling all over the country visiting Catholic Charities agencies and how her Jesuit education at Georgetown University helped set her on her life path.

Learn more about Kerry Robinson and Catholic Charities USA. Learn more about the rising threats Catholic Charities staffers are facing.

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