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July 4, 2024 — Most of our listeners have surely at least heard of Homeboy Industries, which is the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. Founded in Los Angeles by the Jesuit priest Fr. Greg Boyle in 1988, Homeboy works with about 10,000 former gang members each year in dozens of different ways, from job training to tattoo removal to wraparound case management services. Fr. Greg recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his pioneering work in this area.

One of Homeboy’s initiatives that host Mike Jordan Laskey just learned about recently is the Homeboy Art Academy, which engages at-risk youth and adults in diverse forms of art as tools for healing and transformation. The art academy is the brainchild of today’s guest — Fabian Debora, an accomplished visual artist and a former gang member himself. Fabian’s story is so powerful – full of trauma and despair and hope and beauty and community. Unlike most episodes of AMDG, this one isn’t a classic interview. We’re just going to let Fabian share his story with you. You don’t want to miss it.

Learn more about Fabian Debora and Homeboy Art Academy; read the LA Times profile of Fabian in conjunction with his “Cara de Vago” exhibition.

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