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By Jerry Duggan

Fidel Pol, headmaster of St. John’s College, High School Division

Fidel Pol, headmaster of the high school division of St. John’s College, the only all-boys Jesuit Catholic education institution in Belize, makes the success of his students his first priority.

He believes in planting the seed for these young men to become future leaders in their community and works to shape the future of his students by helping them develop into well-rounded individuals who are compassionate, ethical and knowledgeable. He is committed to ensuring that his students receive a quality Jesuit education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Pol was born in Belize, the son of an immigrant mother from El Salvador and a Belizean father. His family instilled in him a passion for learning. When he was named headmaster at St. John’s in 2020, he was the youngest headmaster in the school’s history. In his years of leadership at St. John’s College, he is known for his dedication to his students, his commitment to academic excellence, his innovation, and his ability to motivate and inspire others.

Pol believes in a holistic approach to education that prepares graduates not only for higher education but also for life, the workforce and the world. He grounds his leadership in love, following Christ’s example.

“We all have been shown the unconditional love of Christ, but as a person of responsibility, it is my job to model that love in my interactions with our students, faculty and parents,” he said. “I try to model Christ’s love in everything that I do.”

Pol’s leadership has brought about significant changes in the high school, including the revamping and expansion of the school’s curriculum. His efforts have helped create a more inclusive, contemporary and comprehensive educational experience for the students, enabling them to develop a range of skills beyond the classroom.

Pol has a deep appreciation and admiration for Jesuit education as it nurtures spiritual, personal and academic growth in students.

“What I admire most is that Jesuit institutions are known for promoting critical thinking, social justice and service to others,” he said. “They also focus on character formation and personal growth, going beyond academic excellence. The Jesuit emphasis on serving others and promoting justice helps instill the values of compassion and empathy in students. I highly regard Jesuit education for its formation of well-rounded and socially responsible individuals.”

Fidel Pol is a proud Belizean and role model for young people. He embodies the values of hard work, determination and passion, inspiring others to achieve their potential. A fierce advocate for education, Pol is committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

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