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It is essential today more than ever to protect our Common Home and to develop a deeper sensitivity to the Common Good, which goes hand in hand with the profoundly Christian principle of fraternal love amongst all human beings. The most recent issue of the magazine Canadian Jesuits looks at these two interrelated themes.

Discover among others:

  • Cultivating the land and the soul: the work of the Ferme Berthe-Rousseau. This organization welcomes and provides accommodation, in an ecological living environment, to people living in difficult circumstances.
  • The Ignatian Magis: Spirituality and Growth. Does the Ignatian value of “magis” call us to always do more? It is best understood through the logic of growth in love.
  • From rockets to canoes: the journey of Erik Sorensen, SJ. Erik Sorensen, SJ, had once planned to be an engineer. Today, however, he studies theology at Regis College in Toronto, and is on his way to becoming a Jesuit priest. Discover his journey, which led him to nature and amongst marginalized people.
  • Cigarettes, coffee and justice: the unusual holiness of Martin Royakers, SJ. Chain-smoking, dishevelled, even hearing confessions in a bar: Fr. Martin Royackers, SJ, never ceased to amaze. But in intelligence, the pursuit of social justice, the option for the poor, a life of poverty, he genuinely lived his vows.

To read all the articles in the magazine, click here.

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