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May 2, 2024 — In 60-plus years of life, Reynaldo Domínguez has never heard someone say, “I live without water and I live in peace.” Water is fundamental to a healthy and peaceful life, he says. Yet for Reynaldo and his community in Guapinol, Honduras, access to clean water has become a deadly fight that has killed two of his brothers and sent him and his family into hiding.

The conflict started in 2018 when the Honduran company Inversiones Los Pinares, backed by international investors, began to dig out a road through the mountains deep inside the protected National Park Carlos Escaleras. As they began they began digging an open-pit iron ore mine, harmful sediments filled the Guapinol River, the source of water for many of the surrounding communities. Reynaldo and his community quickly organized to push back against this illegal and life-threatening environmental disaster. Things quickly turned deadly. Many of Reynaldo’s fellow activists have been jailed, even more have been forced to migrate, and several have lost their lives in the fight to protect the land for future generations.

Reynaldo joined us from an undisclosed location to tell us about what’s happening in Guapinol.

This episode was recorded in Spanish. Listen to the original here.

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