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On Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2014, igNation posted its first article, “As If We Never Were,” which was written by Kevin Burns, an Ottawa-based writer and editor. This first post received 512 hits. In the seven years since, the 2,523 entries that have been posted (one per day!) have received over 3,542 comments. Hundreds of subscribers receive igNation every day.

The posts have been called “inspiring”; the articles, “insightful”; and the prayers, “inspirational.” The fresh look is “intimate and inviting.” Another reader wrote: “Excellently done. Bravo! The posts are low-key and light-hearted, all carrying a solid message.”

John Pungente, SJ, editor of the blog, invites you to read it and contribute!

What is the vision behind igNation?

From 1632 to 1673, Jesuit missionaries in New France—as Canada was known—wrote letters to their superiors in France describing not only their missionary work but also their observations about the life and times of the local people. These widely read letters were published each year as the Jesuit Relations.

Today, in a similar way through igNation, the Jesuits in Canada along with our collaborators and friends share reflections on our present time through articles, poems, etc. as a way to accompany and nourish us on our pilgrimage.

We invite you to come along on this journey as we write about our culture, our daily lives, our seasons, and our spirituality.

Fr. John Pungente, SJ

What is the significance of igNation?

IgNation features various aspects of the Ignatian worldview and offers a glimpse into the world of Jesuits and their associates and companions. As a place of welcome and connection, igNation brings together those who write the posts and those who read them—day in and day out—forming a community of people from the age of twenty-something to ninety-something who recognize and share this sense of belonging.

The reflections that are posted emerge from all aspects of our lives—the personal, the social, the communal, and the historical—and depict how the spiritual informs the ordinary and the extraordinary, the simple and the complex, the joys and the anguish of a people who make up the Body of Christ today.

Is there a plan for the future?  

Since 2014, 309 people—from all walks of life—have contributed to the site. We are always looking for articles, reviews, poems, etc., that address the various realities of our time and would welcome new contributors. If you are interested in adding your own creative expression to igNation, please contact us at for more information.

Are you open to doing a French version of the blog?

Of course, a French version of igNation would be most welcome, and we have already talked about this possibility for the year 2022. There are a number of issues to address, however. Rather than simply a literal translation of the English site, the French version of igNation would have to reflect the specificity and unique character of French-Canadian culture.

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