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News Story

Just as the spread of COVID-19 seems to be slowing in the United States, there has been a terrible upsurge of the deadly disease in India, where an astounding 40% of the world’s new infections are recorded. To date, India has logged some 20 million cases of COVID-19 and 215,000 deaths, and both numbers are believed to be significant undercounts.

The country’s current, second wave has proven particularly deadly, as approximately 400,000 new infections and 3,500 new deaths are added to the toll each day. The nation is experiencing shortages of hospital beds, medicine and oxygen.

The people of India need aid. You can help provide it.

Two Jesuit institutions, Magis Americas and Canadian Jesuits International, have partnered with other Jesuit international development organizations and mission offices to raise money to help mitigate the disastrous situation in India. These funds will go toward direct humanitarian aid efforts, including the distribution of food, hygiene and protection kits and the delivery of medical supplies and medicine to communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

The fundraising effort has a goal of $50,000. Local partners on the ground, such as the Jesuit Conference of India (JCI) and Indian Social Institute (ISI) will spearhead the effort.

Please consider making a donation to this emergency relief effort by clicking here. And please keep all those in India, including our Jesuit brothers, in your prayers.