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News Story

Jesuits USA East stands in solidarity with the people of India. The country has suffered well over 215,000 deaths to COVID-19, while the infection count has reached close to 20 million. During this second wave, there are nearly 400,000 infected and over 3,500 dead each day. What’s more, India currently accounts for 40% of the world’s infections.

The scenario is extremely worrying and the threat of the situation getting worse is very real. India’s hospitals do not have the capacity to care for the millions of infected people. Medicine and oxygen are scarce commodities, and there are not enough beds. The Jesuit Conference of India (JCI) is hoping to raise $50,000 that will be used by local partners on the ground, led by JCI and the Indian Social Institute (ISI), to distribute food, deliver hygiene and protection kits, distribute medical supplies and medicines across six states.

Please consider making a donation to this emergency relief effort by clicking here. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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