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News Story

Aug, 19, 2021 – Haiti needs our help.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti on Aug. 14, 2021, and within days Tropical Storm Grace barreled through, adding to the misery of the Haitians.

To date, almost 2,000 people have died, with many more missing. Thousands have been injured and close to 30,000 families are homeless.

The Jesuit nonprofit Magis Americas has joined a network of Jesuit international development organizations and mission offices to launch a global fundraising effort to support Jesuit organizations in Haiti.

Funds will be used by local Jesuit partners, including Foi et Joie and Service Jésuite aux Migrants, to support the two regions most affected by the earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace: Sud and Grand’Anse.

This response will entail two phases: emergency relief and recovery.

During the emergency relief phase, partners will organize to distribute clothing, food, household goods and hygiene products to meet the most immediate basic needs of the population.

During the more extended recovery phase, Jesuit partners will implement mid-to-long-term strategies focused on the reconstruction of homes, schools and other infrastructure.

“The number one priority at this moment remains health care emergency services … Of course, in the weeks to come we will certainly face the problem of clean water and food,” said Jean Denis Saint Félix, Jesuit Superior in Haiti

Please consider supporting our Jesuit partners on the ground as they help the people of Haiti recover from this disaster. You can do so through this website or through Magis Americas.