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Yet Another Journey into Yes

Moving from Jesuit Hall to St. Ignatius Hall By Fr. Michael Harter, SJ In January 2023, 66 Jesuits made the move from Jesuit Hall, near the campus of Saint Louis University, to the new St. Ignatius Hall at Garden Villas North in St. Louis County. Father Michael Harter, SJ, shares this reflection on what the …

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Living Synodality in Belize

By William Manaker, SJ I arrived in Belize for a month-long immersion experience in the Mayan villages of the Toledo District with only minimal background information. I would be working with several brother Jesuits to facilitate retreats for village catechists. We’d be collaborating with a committee of indigenous Mayan leaders. Mayans in Belize speak two …

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Graduation Prayer

Good and gracious God, This is the day, Lord! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Today is the culmination of years of work, years filled with challenges and triumphs, losses and laughter, friendships and growth. We thank you, Lord, for getting us safely to this day. We thank you for the gift of …

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An Easter Poem

Bring in your dead. Bring in your flattened. Bring in your hopeless cases and your lost causes.

A Christmas Homily

By Fr. Joseph Tetlow, SJ We imagine God looking down on a miserable earth needing redemption. That’s in the Spiritual Exercises. At Christmas, we do better to imagine God looking down as in the Contemplatio ad Amor. God looks at His creation and saw it was good — God liked what He saw — especially …

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Litany of Thanksgiving

O gracious and generous God, I thank you for the many blessings you have given me: For the gift of life: I thank you, Lord. For your steadfast love: I thank you, Lord. For this astonishing, complex planet and all you have created: I thank you, Lord. For faith and the example of your saints: …

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Spirit & Verse: Mary, Mother of Us All

Spirit & Verse is a monthly column of original poem-prayers composed by Cameron Bellm, a Seattle-based writer and mother of two whose “Prayer for a Pandemic” went viral, bringing solace and comfort to many struggling during COVID-19.